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ZBW-12 Series Occident-Type Combination Substation Series is a set of high-voltage switchgear, transformers, low voltage power distribution system, low voltage intelligent switch, automatic reactive power compensation, by a certain combination of wiring scheme, combine to a standalone equipment to achieve local or remote operation such as control, telemetry, metering, fine adjustment…etc.

Items Unit Value
High Voltage Unit Rated Frequency Hz 50
Rated Voltage kV 7.2 12
Rated Current A 400, 630, 1250
Transferred Current A 1200~2000
Rated Short Duration withstand Current kA 12.5(2s/4s), 16(2s/4s), 20(2s/4s)
Rated Peak withstand Current kA 31.5 or 40 or 50
Power Frequency withstand Voltage (phase-phase, phase-earth/phase-end) kV 32/36 42/48
Lightning Impulse withstand Voltage (phase-phase, phase-earth/phase-end) kV 60/70 75/85
Rated Short Circuit Current (Fuse) kA 31.5
Breaking Load Transformer capacity kVA 1600
Transformer Unit Rated Voltage kV 7.2, 12
Rated Capacity kVA 30~1600
Tapping Range %

±2 x 2.5%, ±5%

Connection Arrangement   Yyb0, Dyn11
Impedenance Voltage % 4, 4.5, 6, 8
Low Voltage Unit Rated Voltage V 380/220, 660/380
Main Cirucit Rated Current A 50~2500
Branch CircuitCurrent A 50~800
Main Circuit Rated Short Duration withstand Current kA 15(1s), 30(1s), 50(1s), 65(1s)
Main Circuit Rated Peak withstand Current kA 30, 63, 110
Enclosure Protection Level ( Standard)  

High Pressure chamber : IP33,

Transformer Chamber: IP23

Low Pressure Chamber: IP33