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XGN 15 -12 Series Insulated Ring-main unit, a combination of foreign advanced technology and domestic power-supply demand, is designed and manufactured by WEG Group. Certified by integrated inspection and long-term trial operation, its performance has detinitely entirely reached standards of IEC298 AC Enclosed Switchger Equipment , and its protective grade is up to the standard of IP4X. Characterized by its small size, easy handing and convenitnt mainntenance, the ring-type Network Switchgear has become a new unember of Middle-voitage products widely used in construction of urban and rural electric network.

Item Unit Load-switch


combinations panel

C.B. Panel
Rated Voltage kV 12 12 12
Rated Frequency Hz 50 50 50
Rated Current Main Busbar A 1250 1250 1250
Main Circuit 630 200 1250
Rated short circuit closed current A 630    
Rated cable charging current A 35    
Rated SF6 gas pressure MPa 0.045 0.045  
Circuit resistance µΩ ≧400 ≧400 ≧400
Rated short -time withstand current  (r.m.s) (3s) kA 20* 20* 20*
Rated Peak withstand current (Peak) kA 50 50 50
Mechanical endurance Load Switch operations 3000** 3000** 10000
Earthing Switch 1000 1000 1000
Rated Power-Frequency withstand Voltage(1min) kV 42/48 42/48 42/48
Rated Lightning Impulse withstand Voltage kV 75/85 75/85 75/85
Enclosure Protection Level   IP4X IP4X IP4X

*  :with ABB SFG Load Switch (2s): 25kA, 63kA (Peak)

** :with ABB SFG Load Switch(5000 operations), Earthing Switch (2000 operations)

  • Extremely reduced overall dimensions.
  • Switchboards can be wall-type.
  • Controls and connections are on the front of the switchgear.
  • Easy inspection and fast maintenance.
  • Many different simple solutions are available to extend existing switchboards.
  • Careful selection of materiats.
  • isolators and switch disconnectors in drawer versionto make replacement easier and faster (modular)
  • Small dimensions.
  • Nearly no maintenance.
  • Conventional mode of operation.
  • Easy Cable Connection.
  • High electrical and mechanical reserves.